We love working with you!

Providing Kafka and Anakin with the best care and cat products is something I continuously strive for. We have been fortunate to collaborate with amazing brands. On our Instagram account @kafka.the.kat I feature products the cats and I genuinely love; products I would actually purchase myself. The trust of our loyal followers is very important to me, so I will always create my own content for the brands we work with.


What can we offer you?

We offer custom content of Kafka and Anakin with and/or using your product on our Instagram account and/or website blog. It’s also possible to purchase custom photos for your own use. If you have something in mind, we are always happy to talk with you about your products and ideas!

Custom content

  • High quality photography: I am a passionate photographer focusing on animal photography and portraits. All our images are shot with a Canon DSLR camera and one of my professional lenses. I also can also use studio lighting for a more formal setting.
  • Videos: we offer a wide variety of videos. Videos of the cats using your product, unboxing videos, product review with me on camera…
  • Written content: I am a trained SEO copywriter and creative writer. I spend a lot of time on our Instagram captions and love creating written content for our Instagram account and the blog on this website.

Send me an email for statistics of our reach and engagement on Instagram.



These are some of the brands we have worked with so far: