Ani, 7 months: a reflection

Falling in love with Ani

The first photo I took of Anakin, the day I brought him home. Today I fell in love with Ani all over again. I took him to the vet for a check-up since he has developed the weird habit to launch himself all the way to the floor when he’s up high on the cat tree. I wanted to see if he has trouble seeing depth or physical problems with climbing down.

The vet said he was in very good health, apparently his teeth are exquisite. The vet kept showing me how nice and shiny they are. He also kept saying how beautiful he is and complimented his charming personality. Ani is simply a little scared of heights. He likes to climb up, but doesn’t like jumping onto things, nor having to get down. He already weighs almost as much as Kafka (3,82 kg – 8,42 lbs), so I shouldn’t feed him more than he’s eating now. Today he’s 7 months and 7 days old. The vet doesn’t think he will grow much larger, having had a huge grow spurt a while ago. (That was when he appeared shorthaired – his coat is rapidly catching up now.) So that means he will probably stay smaller than Kafka.

While the vet was telling me all this, Ani put his paws around my neck and pressed his his head against my collarbone, and I felt so overwhelmed by love and pride. This little boy is so gentle. I can’t even imagine him ever getting mad. He has never once tried to scratch or bite me or Kafka, I don’t think he’s capable. If he doesn’t want or like something, he’ll just walk away. He’s obsessed with feet; his favorite pastime is lying in between my feet while I rub his cheeks with my toes. He lets me kiss his belly and completely melts as soon as I lie down in bed, and it’s snuggle time. He adores Kafka and copies everything he does.

For the longest time I had doubts about whether or not I did the right thing by getting Kafka a friend, and a kitten friend in particular. To protect Kafka, I tried to not get too attached, because I didn’t want Kafka to feel like I was just focusing on being in love with a little kitten. Kafka’s happiness has always been my number one priority, and it made me enjoy Ani’s first moments at home less. I feel like I can finally let go control.

Our little family is ok. Happy throwback Thursday!


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