Kafka’s adoption story

My adoption story

August 2017 I was brought in at the shelter very neglected. My elderly owner could no longer care for me. My teeth and fur were in very bad shape and, as we later found out, I had some digestion problems.

My human saw my picture and story on the Dutch website www.ikzoekbaas.nl (“I’m looking for an owner”) and she immediately picked up the phone to arrange a meeting with me. It was love at first sight! I still needed teeth surgery so she couldn’t take me with her straight away. When she left I swung myself at the glass door of my room at the shelter because I wanted to be taken home so badly.

When I finally arrived at my furrever home, we soon found out something was not right with my intestines. After two months of testing, we finally know for sure I have food intolerance/allergies. Now I’m on a new diet and doing much better! My human is still paying close attention to my health, but we’re definitely getting there.

I already went on some adventures and I enjoy my human’s company very much! My fur is still growing back and I’ve started to gain weight. I can’t wait to show you my progress in a few more months! I hope to be in full fluff and health then.

Thank you all for following my journey! We love you!