2,5 months with Ani

Ani and Kafka: 2,5 months after the introduction

Anakin has been living with us for 2,5 months now and he absolutely adores Kafka. Kafka has been behaving very fatherly, to the point where I wonder if Kafka ever had kittens of his own. I know very little about his life before he was brought to the animal shelter. All I know is that he once lived in a cattery and switched homes once or twice after that. In his last place of residence he suffered from neglect. I’m happy to see how much Anakin appreciates having Kafka as a “dad”. ⁣

I remember when Anakin just lived with us he got his paw stuck in the curtains and Kafka came to get me. Or when Anakin almost escaped through a hole in the fence of our patio, and my first impulse was to call for Kafka’s help. Anakin doesn’t like being picked up. He’ll start crying and Kafka will run over to slap me until I let Ani go.⁣

Now, Anakin is almost 5 months old and hitting puberty. He’s less baby-like and doesn’t need Kafka’s help as much anymore. I can see their relationship changing, becoming more equal. Ani annoys Kafka sometimes, by chasing his tail or jumping him at every chance he gets, but as soon as I interfere, they start grooming each other.⁣

I feel Kafka should get the most credit for raising “our” baby. I’ve never had a cat as patient and mindful as Kafka and Anakin is growing up to be such a fine young man.


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